A funny thing happened at a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Lubbock, Texas. A really nice librarian who was purchasing one of my books, handed me a book out of the pile on the table. I grabbed the book and it looked like this:

photo 2

Pretty huh? I open the cover to sign my name and I see this:

photo 3

I close the book and look at the cover. It is indeed my book, but inside it is a book called The Gift of Faith published by In the Arms of Mary Foundation. The cover of the book is supposed to look like this!


Here’s my face when I realized my book had turned into The Gift of Faith, which might not be a bad thing! Turns out this book has a higher Amazon ranking than mine.

photo 1

Now I’m wondering if somewhere out there in the cosmic universe, there is a Gift of Faith book cover with my book inside it! If anyone finds it please let me know. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

In case you were wondering, we checked the rest of my books and this was the only one. Now I wish I had bought it to keep for good luck. I think someone is trying to tell me something! SHHHH I’m listening. 🙂