Book 3 in the Spirit Warriors series will be available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and iTunes on September 9, 2015. WooHOOO

Here’s the back cover blurb:

“Do you want to spend your life like Golden Flower pining away for the love you lost? Can you imagine how hard it is to be left behind when everything you loved is gone?” ––Emmeline Rima Belrose, The Burning (Book 3)
In the third book of D.E.L. Connor’s magical coming of age Spirit Warriors series, Emmeline and her friends find themselves still reeling from the loss and pain caused by the evil spirit, machayiwiw- but the danger is far from over. As Emme, Charlie, Bets, Ollie, Jack and their beloved Spirit Animals prepare for the final battle against the machayiwiw, Emme struggles with a battle within her own heart. She longs for the beauty and softness she feels around Charlie, but she can’t deny the burning passion that consumes her with Jack. Will she finally let Charlie go and give her heart to Jack?
Enthralling and passionate, Spirit Warriors brings the vibrant American West to life once again and whispers its ancient secrets of love and friendship.

And here’s a teaser:

Jack handed me Domino’s reins, I lifted myself into the saddle, and Dom and I took off galloping across the clearing. We rode hard and fast through the underbrush and across the hills. Finally, I reached my destination. I stopped Domino at the bottom of a steep cliff. I jumped down and climbed over the jagged rocks until I reached the spot. This was the spot where Lilly and Arion had died. I sat in the dirt with my back against the same rock in the same place where I had held Lilly and Arion’s dead bodies. I hadn’t been back here since they had died. I wouldn’t have come here if not for Charlie.

“Charlie, I’m here and I’m not leaving. Don’t you take the coward’s way out and leave us. You told me we have to finish what was started. You told me it would take all of us to finally defeat the Machayiwiw. If you go, all the rest of us might as well go with you. We will be slaughtered by the Machayiwiw.

“It will take all of us, Charlie. I know you are hurting. I’m hurting too. I wish she had just said something to us. Talk to me!” I yelled the words in the still, empty air and at the blue sky. Nothing! Well. Two could play this game. I laid my head back on the rock, and I willed my spirit up and away. Charlie might be a powerful spirit mover, but I had my own powers. I soared up and over my body, and I called out to my animal friends, from the ones deep in the ground to the ones soaring above me, asking for help. Within seconds, my winged friend, the eagle, had located him. He and Gus were at the top of a flat-topped butte just over the next ridge. I fell back to my body, jumped up and ran back to Domino. I grabbed Domino’s reins and swung my leg over the saddle. “Come on, Dom. I know where he is.”

I turned Domino towards the butte. Domino ate up the distance in no time. I jumped down off Domino before he came to a complete stop and ran up the butte. Gus stood still, observing the vast expanse of land below him. I slowed to a walk so I wouldn’t spook him.

“Charlie,” I said softly. Gus turned his head. “I know you are with Gus. Please don’t hurt him. If you think you have to do something stupid, don’t hurt Gus.” I held out my hands in front of me. “Oh Charlie, we have been through so much. We can get through this.” Gus moved closer to the edge. I stopped. “Please Charlie, please. What would killing yourself accomplish? You would only hurt us. If you go, I go. I won’t let Gus die alone. I won’t let you die alone. But Gus doesn’t deserve to die like this.” I walked to the far right of Gus, to the edge of the cliff, and then looked at the tranquil, dusty land below us. I took a deep breath and balanced my heels on the outcropping. If I was going to jump I wanted to go head first with my arms out flying for as long as I could fly before I died. If you had told me when I woke up that morning that I would be contemplating jumping off a cliff by the afternoon, I would have told you that you were crazy. Yet, here I was, balanced on the edge waiting for Charlie to make his move. I closed my eyes and heard Charlie’s voice. “Just let me go.”

“No. You wouldn’t let me go if I was the one standing on the edge of the cliff. I can only imagine how hard it is to know what is going to happen to us before it happens, but yet, not know something like Lilly being in love with you.”

“You don’t have any idea what it’s like. How would you like to know how everyone you loved would die? How would you like to know that you couldn’t protect the people you loved most? Or that the one person you love most would love your best friend? Or that your friend would die rather than stand between the love of her two best friends?”

“If you have seen how each of us will die, I have a pretty good idea that you have seen how you will die. Would dying today truly be better than what happens to you?”

Charlie’s voice was soft and quiet. “Yes. It would be better. It would be better if all of us joined hands and jumped together. At least we would all be together.”

I gazed up at the sky and then over at Gus. “If you truly think that, then we need to get the others and end it today. Would it mean we would all be together with Lilly? What will happen to your tribe?” I couldn’t believe that I was even considering this. I knew that what Charlie had seen was so horrific that he wanted out now. That must mean that what would happen to me must be just as horrific.

“My people will cease to exist. And no, none of us would be with Lilly. The Machayiwiw will make sure of it. He will trap us between worlds like he did with Golden Flower. But all of us would be together.”

“Trapped together?”

“Yes, trapped, but together.”

I remembered Charlie’s story about the tortured souls trapped for all eternity. Charlie said there would never be another me. There would be no release from that world. “Charlie,” I said softly. “If I have learned one thing, it is this. I can’t run away from destiny. If I die the death you see for me, then I need to die bravely fighting for what I believe in. I will die fighting, Charlie, for you and for all of us.”

I heard Charlie’s ragged breathing. “Keep your knife with you all the times, Emme. If you need to leave this world before someone kills you, you can still make it to Lilly. Go without us. You understand what I am saying?”

“What about you, Charlie? Can you leave and make it to Lilly before you are killed?”

The silence was overpowering. I finally sat down on the ledge and waited for Charlie to compose himself. I could hear his irregular breathing.

“No,” he finally whispered. “Just promise me that you will forgive me for anything I do, and that you will always love me in that special place in your heart that you have saved for me. You know I will always love you, Emme.”

“I know that, and I will always love you, Charlie. I promise to forgive you. You can never do anything that I will not forgive you for. I will never forget you or our love.”

Gus took several steps backward. I reached out my hand and stroked his soft nose. I wrapped my arms around Gus and as he laid his square head on my shoulder, I buried my face in his neck. “Come back, Charlie. Come back for whatever time we have left. It’s not the time we have left that matters, it’s the time we share that matters. We can do anything together, and I promise I will be there at the end and you will not leave this world alone. I will be with you.”