Book 4: The Lamenting

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In The Lamenting, Emme and her friends Jack, Ollie, Bets and Charlie are Spirit Warriors—teenagers who merge with spirit animals to fight the evil Machayiwiw, who’s brought tragedy to their families for generations.

At the opening of Book Four of the Spirit Warriors series, we find Emme reeling from dehydration and hypothermia while Charlie recovers from a stab wound to the heart. The friends vow to use their special abilities to conquer the Machayiwiw once and for all.

Emme musters the courage to instigate a battle, but what she thinks will be a clean solution spirals out of control. Charlie has become more grizzly bear than human and his rage results in a canyon full of dead poachers while the Machayiwiw flees yet again. As the friends struggle to bring Charlie back from the wild, Emme realizes it’s Jack who she’s loved all along. Threats and perils escalate along with Emme’s romance.

In this story of suspense, tenderness and tragedy, the friends, in both their animal and human forms, face the ultimate question: What are they willing to sacrifice to save one another?