I did manage to sleep some last night. : )

Today I received the contract with my name on it! Still feels like they are talking about someone else. I am ready to get it published and let everyone have a look at it.

I have discovered that it is really hard to describe your book. It is like trying to describe your child before it is born! lol

Here is the process as I understand it. Booktrope will compile a team consisting of an editor, a copywriter, a graphic artist and a book manager who will work with me to get the book published. Once that is done, it will be available as a download to all electronic reader type devices. It will also be published as a paperback, and be available in brick and mortar type bookstores.

I will keep updating as I find out more.

A big thank you to everyone for the congratulations. I am blessed to have wonderful  friends and a great family.