As a new author I had absolutely no idea how to publicize my book. I knew nothing about author platforms. I had a personal Facebook page, and well that was about it! In the course of several months I made a blog page of which you are reading from, joined Twitter, made an author FB page, joined Goodreads, joined Pinterest, joined Instagram, joined Snapchat and…

Well you get the picture. I was overwhelmed with things to check and I had run out of memory on my iphone to add any more apps. I was starting to see book bloggers on various websites and somehow I ran across Rosie Amber in the U.K. I sent her an ARC (advance read copy) of book 1 Spirit Warriors:The Concealing and held my breath.

She loved it and promoted it like crazy. She put it in a book review column Β that she writes in a local paper and now she has added book 2 The Scarring to her book review column (see pic below). She does amazing free book tours. Right now it is #MysteryNovember, last month it was #RomancingSeptember.


Rosie took me under her wing and showed me how to market books like a lady. She showed me positivity and encouragement. Funny thing is, she does it for hundreds of authors. For FREE. Yes you heard me. For Free.

She wrote some wonderful advice for new authors in these two posts. READ THEM. It will help you learn your way around the marketing side of authorship.

You can’t bombard people with tweets and posts asking them to buy your book. They won’t, but when it comes from a friend, and bloggers are friends, you start to know people. People buy from people they know and like.

Find a book blogger, make a friend, support their blogs and the authors they promote. Then sell some books.

Now please take a moment and comment on who your favorite book blogger is and share their blog, twitter or FB. Let’s all band together to show them some likes on their blog, FB, etc.

Blessings to Rosie Amber! You rock!