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A big welcome to Lucy Delaney. I am proud to give her a shout out for her awesome new book, Catching Tatum. If you like baseball and romance, here it is! Enjoy the excerpt. 🙂

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ABOUT Catching Tatum

When high school heartthrob and star athlete Cole Jackson breaks Tatum’s heart, she makes a pact with herself to never be hurt again. She turns love into a game modeled after her family’s favorite pastime: baseball. Anyone brave enough to date her must step up to plate and get to each base by following her rules – or they’re out.

Years later Cole, as handsome and charming as ever, makes an unexpected reappearance in her life with promises he’s a changed man. He’s got the story to prove it and says he’s willing to follow all of her rules just to have a second chance.

Complicating matters is the strong and steady Airman, Justin Parker, with a heartbreak story of his own. His friendship challenges all she ever knew of loving and being loved.

Will Tatum’s rules help her navigate two very different men, or will she strike out at her own game?


Excerpt from Catching Tatum

I fell in love with him fast and I loved him hard from the beginning. I gave him everything I was but my love was wasted, my heart, soul and body given with nothing in return. That’s regret. I hate regret. I still regret it.

Because of him I finally understood exactly what my dad meant by guarding my heart. I never took the time to decide on my rules so when Cole came along, I played his game by his rules. I don’t know what came over me, all my common sense, all the pep talks with my parents about what a good guy would look like and act like, all the caution from friends at school and my brothers, that he was a player … none of it mattered; something about him made me feel alive in a way I had never felt before. I was addicted to the feelings he gave me. I convinced myself it was love at first sight, I really did. It was definitely lust. He was a creature of beauty and I was a connoisseur of beautiful people by then.

I was always attracted to and awed by beautiful people, male or female, from the time I was very young. In fact, I hold memories of some of the most beautiful faces and forms I’ve ever seen. I enjoy beauty and I can’t help but stare at, beautiful people, drink them in like sweet tea on the hottest day of a North Carolina summer. I actually feel good looking at a beautiful human form. In my opinion, there aren’t too many truly beautiful people on the planet but they’re all the same and they get me every time; whether tall or short they’re perfectly proportionate, with fit, cut bodies. It’s all about the proportions in my mind, not too skinny—that’s disgusting—but not too big either—that’s poor health. Eyes, nose, ears, mouth Fibonacci perfect and smooth. A beautiful form is a proportionate one from head to toe. Color; eye color, hair color, skin color doesn’t matter, proportions do.

For the record I wouldn’t say that I was beautiful, although my body, proportionate as it was from growing up in a family where fitness was a priority, fit the bill a little better than my face ever did. There was no more stuffing bras after my boobs decided to go from a B cup to a D cup the summer between my ninth grade and sophomore years, but my face was too unique to be beautiful. I had a strong dimpled chin and my eyes were set in a little bit too much to be one of the truly beautiful people on the planet and, of course, there’s my scar, but I got enough attention the way I looked as it was.

Cole was one of the beautiful people, head to toe, front to back, absolutely gorgeous. Our first meeting was a complete accident. I bumped into him because I was fixing the strap of my backpack and not watching where I was going in the hall. I slammed right into him, face first, in the hall on my way to second period. “Oh, sorry,” I muttered and meant to walk on but he caught me in his hands and his big hazel eyes held me there. I was lost in them and in his grip. They took my breath away, pierced me, reached in and stole a piece of my soul right then and there before I had a chance to beg for mercy.

Lucy H. Delaney

Lucy H. Delaney lives in the Pacific Northwest town of Leavenworth, Washington, nestled at the feet of the Cascade Mountains. When not tucked away in her writing room making up stories or standing in her cubicle in one of the offices of corporate America, Lucy spends her time with her family, former students, and friends.

Lucy loves to be in nature: She can often be found on her homemade backyard swing, curled up with a good book, hiking the surrounding mountains, or running country roads and game trails.


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Twitter: @lucyhdelaney

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