Today I received this beautiful review from Mary who is a fellow author and also a book reviewer. This is my second amazing review from a British author which makes me pause and say, “I frigging LOVE the British reviewers!” ūüôā

Now I’m back to the final editing on book 2, Spirit Warriors: The Scarring. Can’t wait to get it out there for everyone!



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Five stars for the Spirit Warriors, one each for Emme, Lilly, Charlie, Ollie and Bets, matching their sky stars, the mark of eternal friendship. Emme makes a brave and bold narrator, taking the reader on a wild ride, a fight against cruelty and despair. D.E.L. Connor’s¬†writing is so vivid and passionate that when Emme left her body and merged with Eros the osprey I felt that I too was flying.¬† Each of the animals assigned to the young warriors has a special character. Lilly and her mustang, Arion, are a particularly beautifully described team. Tiny fairy like Lilly is a character to hug and cherish.

There are several plot twists which I must not mention, but I do have to give an extra five stars to¬†the scene where one of the characters comes out as gay, followed by the tuxedo episode. You’ll know when you¬†reach it!¬†¬†The scene in the river…….well, just you wait. Another five stars.

‘Spirit Warriors’ is an exciting adventure that is joyful and life affirming, even in the midst of tragedy. I cannot name names but the message of the book is that love goes on. Love in life, love that lasts beyond death.¬†There were tears¬†but I was still left with a positive feeling.

D.E.L. Connor¬† tackles the big questions, love, sexuality, family abuse and death, so although officially a YA book ‘Spirit Warriors’ is also a great read for adults.¬†
Here is the link to Mary’s website to read the article.