Today is Day 1 in my first ever Book Tour hosted by YA Bound Bound Tours. Pretty exciting stuff! 🙂

We started out the day with a review by The Booklicker (I’m loving the blog names!)

There’s what the nice Booklicker peeps had to say:


The Concealing has a very unique plot. It’s based on Native American legends, which isn’t like anything I’ve read before.

Each of our main characters has a spirit animal which they can inhabit by transferring their souls into.

The book’s main theme is friendship. It’s great how everyone of our characters needed the other to get by. There was also a lot of action and even a little bit of romance among the group.

It’s a really fast paced so it won’t take long to read but it’s also fun to get through.

This book is that it isn’t just about Emme it’s about all of her friends too and we get to know them all on a personal level.

The ending was exciting and it wrapped things up, but the very last line really creeped me out.
This is a fast and entertaining read and I think readers with a fascination with Native American myths and legends will like this one.

Here’s the Link to their blog:

Then Booksniffers Anonymous (another cool blog name) did a spotlight and they also are offering a chance for 2 free print copies or 7 ebook copies of my book:

Please click on the link and sign up to win a free book or win one for your friend who hasn’t had the time to read it yet!