I completed my first book signing at Starbucks in Lufkin, Texas!

What an adventure. 🙂

Here are some highlights of things I learned:

1. Bring extra pens. Or perhaps bring A pen. Hard to have a book signing when the author is rummaging through her purse!

2. Get change. Like tens and fives and ones. Do that BEFORE the book signing. Even if Walmart is across the parking lot, get change early anyway.

3. Learn how to sell your book in 3 seconds flat! “It’s a YAfantasyromance. Youwilloveit. Buytwo.”

4. Get a marker instead of a pen. I actually signed the waistband of someone’s underwear. I think a marker would have worked better.

5. Get a colored marker. That way when you sign someone’s Nook it shows up. Yup I did that also.

6.  Have a sense of humor when people ask you to write a specific message. “Steve, You were my inspiration,” doesn’t seem that bad when you can laugh about it.

7.  Bring friends. They are great to run get you a coffee, or a water, or take pictures, or tell you you have a something in your teeth, or remind you that you are a dork!

8. Assign someone to collect money. Preferably someone who can add and subtract. Or who has access to a smartphone.

9.  Enjoy the ride and the people. They came after all to support you! How awesome is that?