Character Bios

Emmeline Rima Belrose:

Emme is the story-teller of the books. She is strong-willed, brave, and fierce. She is the defender of the group. She is the one who stands up for others, be they people, birds or animals. She is a talented cross country runner, a karate expert, and has a gift of communication with animals. She likes casual clothes. She would wear her running clothes or her jeans and boots every day if she could. Although others see the beauty of Emme, she thinks she is tall, awkward, flat-chested, and homely. She is and has always been in love with Charlie (untile she met Jack). Her spirit animal is the majestic soaring osprey, Eros.


Charlie Hunt:

Charlie is a seer and a gifted medicine man. He was born on the reservation and came to live with his Grandfather Archie when he was in fourth grade. He left the reservation to find Emme, the girl he kept seeing in his visions. He calls his visions “speaking times with the Spirit Warriors” but the others see them as seizures. He is tall, dark and handsome. Sports are easy to him and he is tall and muscled enough to be an extraordinary football player and track star. Charlie is the leader of the group. He has the visions and the powers that guide the others. He is Emme’s protector as he alone knows how valuable she, and her gifts, are to his people and to the future of their tribe. Charlie wants nothing more than to be with Emme for the rest of his life. But first, he has to make sure that Emme lives to have the rest of her life. His spirit animal is the fierce grizzly, Hercules.



Lilly Grayson:

Lilly is soft, petite, and kind. She is loved for her kindness and grace. Lilly is loved by all and she loves everyone. She has nothing in her life, yet she is unfailingly optimistic and happy. Her mom is dead, her father is uninvolved, her sister is gone, and her brother is verbally abusive to her. She divides her time living with Emme and with Bets. She is the loyal one in the group, devoted to her friends and willing to give up everything that they might live and be happy. She loves cheerleading and barrel racing with her spirit animal, the beautiful mustang, Arion.




Betsy Ross: (Bets)

Bets is the beauty of the group with reddish blond hair and green eyes. She, Lilly and Emme have been best friends since kindergarten. She likes all things related to science and math. She loves to raise plants and flowers. She and her horse Ginger ride alongside Lilly on Emme’s horse Princess, and Emme on her horse Gus. They have ridden together for years. She tried out for and made the cheerleading team because Lilly asked her to. She cares nothing for what others think and she has a red-headed temper, but not with her friends. She has to be organized and productive and she likes the others to be the same way. She is the questioner of the group, always wanting to know why, and then wanting to make things better. Her spirit animal is the graceful mountain lion, Electra.



Lachlan Jackson Arrington: (Jack)

Jack moved back to the family ranch in Montana when he was in high school. He came from Australia after his father was killed in a car accident. He and Charlie quickly became best friends. He is not a part of the spirit warriors, but he knows about them and he helps them. He is in love with Emme, but Charlie is his best friend and he must bide his time. Jack quickly becomes an excellent receiver on the football team and an even better horse back rider. In Australia, he was an avid swimmer, lifeguard, and surfer. His family is extremely rich and while Jack can and does have everything money can buy, he is not a snob and he is a natural fit for the group. Jack has turquoise blue eyes and sandy blonde hair and is tall like Charlie and Emme. Jack is the listener and solver of the group. He is the one the others turn to when they need to talk about something. He is also the one to come up with solutions when things get tough.


Oliver Graves: (Ollie)

Ollie provides all the fun of the group. He always has a joke or a smile to share. He doesn’t like conflict unless he is forced to do something. He has a serious intestinal problem and he constantly farts around the others, calling them his “barking spiders.” Ollie came out to his friends about being gay. He dates Raymond who sings in the choir. Ollie is extremely thin and tall with gangly arms and legs and big feet. He was born in Hawaii and is of Samoan descent. He was adopted by his parents as an infant. His father is a surgeon and his mother is a nurse. Ollie loves alternative music and likes to mix up playlists. He plays on the basketball team and is the best player in the chess club. Ollie’s spirit animal is the fast coyote, Zephyr.

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