I wanted to share this wonderful new book for children! I know when my daughter was little, it was a challenge to find books she enjoyed, but yet taught her something. Zips Goes Wandering is from a British author named Chris Marsh. In “Zips Goes Wandering” Zips wanders away from his mother and meets a range of animals from the African savannah. When Zips is threatened by a lion and a crocodile, he relies on his friends, who are are giraffes and hippos and others, to help him find his way home. This book has cute English mannerisms such as Mum for Mom. I only wish Alanna was small again or I had grandkids. Well that is for another blog! 🙂


Meet the wonderfully talented Chris Marsh:

1. Tell me about yourself.
I currently live in London, England and have done so for the last 7 years which is very different from where I grew up in the heart of the English countryside. Growing up in a rural village surrounded by farms, fields and forests gave me the opportunities to go on an endless number of adventures with my friends which allowed for my creative side to flourish. I’m a keen painter and pianist and love spending my spare time either drawing, writing or playing or listening to music. I have five nieces and nephews who also keep me very busy so I often rely on my creative streak to find exciting things for them to do and I hope that this will rub off on them.
2. Why did you write Zips Goes Wandering ?
My five very active nieces and nephews are pretty fearless when it comes to going on adventures, often without telling a grown up where they’re off to. Knowing their love for stories and indifference to obeying rules I decided to create a story that they would pay attention to, enjoy and therefore remember. Zips Goes Wandering engaged them to ask questions about getting lost and since first hearing the story they haven’t gone wandering off, unless it’s to the kitchen to raid the sweet and cake cupboard.3. Zips Goes Wandering has lots of animal characters. Which ones are your favorites?
I’ve always thought that zebras are pretty cool and interesting animals which is why I chose a zebra for the main character. But I also really like Alex Antelope, not only because I like his massive antlers but also because he’s named after one of my nephews.4. Is this book part of a series?
Zips Goes Wandering aims at teaching children not to wander off and to spark up a conversation between children and their parents or guardians. It had such a great impact on my nieces and nephews that I thought about covering a variety of issues that children will come across through life. The next book covers an issue that is a worry for all parents – bullying – but I wanted to make it slightly different to other bullying stories and that’s to focus the book from the bully’s point of view. So keep an eye out for that one!

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