Book 3: The Burning


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“Do you want to spend your life like Golden Flower, pining away for the love you lost? Can you imagine how hard it is to be left behind when everything you loved is gone? I won’t do that to you. I can’t.” –Emmeline Rima Belrose, The Burning (Book 3)

In the third book of D.E.L. Connor’s magical coming of age Spirit Warriors series, Emmeline and her friends find themselves still reeling from the loss and pain caused by the evil spirit, machayiwiw- but the danger is far from over. As Emme, Charlie, Bets, Ollie, Jack and their beloved Spirit Animals prepare for the final battle against the machayiwiw, Emme struggles with a battle within her own heart. She longs for the beauty and softness she feels around Charlie, but she can’t deny the burning passion that consumes her with Jack. Will she finally let Charlie go and give her heart to Jack?

Enthralling and passionate, Spirit Warriors brings the vibrant American West to life once again and whispers its ancient secrets of love and friendship.


“I am so lost in these books. The author just gets better and better and the story keeps unfolding so that you can’t wait to see what happens next. If you haven’t yet, and you should have after the last book. Get you a box of tissues as you are going to need them.” (Amazon reviewer)

“I have been a huge fan of this series. After the second book I wasn’t exactly sure how this one would develop. Hands down it is the best book of the series so far.” (Amazon reviewer)

“I can not get enough of this series.” (Amazon reviewer)

“Just as you think you know where the series is going, everything changes.” (Amazon reviewer)