Tonight I sat at my Mac and wrote these words:

Spirit Warriors: The Burning

Hard to believe I am starting book 3 when book 2 The Scarring isn’t even out.

Soooooo what about book 2, SpiritWarriors:The Scarring?

It has been an exciting week for The Scarring. We have decided on a book cover which I can’t share at this time! It always makes me mad when people say that, but here I am typing the words! I can’t wait for you to see it. As much I loved the cover for book 1, book 2’s cover is equally amazing.

I assume that you have figured out that book 1’s cover is Lilly and the horse is Arion.

Well, book 2’s cover will feature Bets and the mountain lion Electra. There’s your spoiler and teaser.

The Scarring is in the second round of editing at this time. If editing does not change much content, this book will be around 20,000 words longer than the first book. There is more insight into the characters and more background. You will meet new characters and instead of being set in the clearing, the kids will be spending time in the mountains and on the reservation.

The story gets darker as the kids struggle with what’s right and what is necessary. Here’s a excerpt from Emme.

Maybe my powers were becoming stronger or maybe I was just becoming more in tune with them. Either way I was getting stronger. Then I became panicked. The stronger I became, the closer I moved to the final showdown with the machayiwiw. I knew it would be the two of us fighting to the death. One of us would finally end what had been started by the machayiwiw so many years ago. I would have to kill him. It was just that simple. I never thought I would want to kill anybody or anything, but maybe I never had anything worth killing for before.

It won’t be long and we will be releasing the cover and release date. For now it is Spring 2014! Stay tuned.