Breaking news! I finished Book 2 in the Spirit Warriors series! I had a burst of creative energy and I finished it at 3:00 am this morning!

I uploaded it to Booktrope and my wonderful editor Michelle Hartz has started to look it over. Now we start the exciting process all over.

Here’s a teaser from Spirit Warriors: The Scarring

Jack walked back to the mangled bodies. He stood there with his head bowed and his hands folded. I knew he was praying for them and for us. We were killers. Charlie, Ollie, Bets, and I had each killed. It didn’t matter that they would have killed us. What mattered was that we were killers. That was the first time I had ever felt a tiny part of my humanity die. It wasn’t a nice feeling.

Now the mean part. You will have to wait a few more months before you get to read the rest of the book! Sorry……….