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D.E.L. Connor:

My first magazine coverage and look at the awesome books my book shares a page with. Honored and humbled! Thanks Rosie. :)

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This month I’ve books reviews in 2 local magazine, here is my page from Fleet Life.

APR 14 Fleet Life

To visit the online version go to http://www.fleetlife.org.uk. Click on the online directory and turn to page 18.

The following authors and books have their work in the magazine;

Please Call Me Derek by Mac Black

The Medea Complex by Rachel Florence Roberts

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

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Spirit Warriors by D.E.L Connor

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I frigging love the British!

Today I received this beautiful review from Mary who is a fellow author and also a book reviewer. This is my second amazing review from a British author which makes me pause and say, “I frigging LOVE the British reviewers!” :)

Now I’m back to the final editing on book 2, Spirit Warriors: The Scarring. Can’t wait to get it out there for everyone!



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Five stars for the Spirit Warriors, one each for Emme, Lilly, Charlie, Ollie and Bets, matching their sky stars, the mark of eternal friendship. Emme makes a brave and bold narrator, taking the reader on a wild ride, a fight against cruelty and despair. D.E.L. Connor’s writing is so vivid and passionate that when Emme left her body and merged with Eros the osprey I felt that I too was flying.  Each of the animals assigned to the young warriors has a special character. Lilly and her mustang, Arion, are a particularly beautifully described team. Tiny fairy like Lilly is a character to hug and cherish.

There are several plot twists which I must not mention, but I do have to give an extra five stars to the scene where one of the characters comes out as gay, followed by the tuxedo episode. You’ll know when you reach it!  The scene in the river…….well, just you wait. Another five stars.

‘Spirit Warriors’ is an exciting adventure that is joyful and life affirming, even in the midst of tragedy. I cannot name names but the message of the book is that love goes on. Love in life, love that lasts beyond death. There were tears but I was still left with a positive feeling.

D.E.L. Connor  tackles the big questions, love, sexuality, family abuse and death, so although officially a YA book ‘Spirit Warriors’ is also a great read for adults. 


Here is the link to Mary’s website to read the article.

Books for children: Zips Goes Wandering by Chris Marsh


I wanted to share this wonderful new book for children! I know when my daughter was little, it was a challenge to find books she enjoyed, but yet taught her something. Zips Goes Wandering is from a British author named Chris Marsh. In “Zips Goes Wandering” Zips wanders away from his mother and meets a range of animals from the African savannah. When Zips is threatened by a lion and a crocodile, he relies on his friends, who are are giraffes and hippos and others, to help him find his way home. This book has cute English mannerisms such as Mum for Mom. I only wish Alanna was small again or I had grandkids. Well that is for another blog! :)


Meet the wonderfully talented Chris Marsh:

1. Tell me about yourself.
I currently live in London, England and have done so for the last 7 years which is very different from where I grew up in the heart of the English countryside. Growing up in a rural village surrounded by farms, fields and forests gave me the opportunities to go on an endless number of adventures with my friends which allowed for my creative side to flourish. I’m a keen painter and pianist and love spending my spare time either drawing, writing or playing or listening to music. I have five nieces and nephews who also keep me very busy so I often rely on my creative streak to find exciting things for them to do and I hope that this will rub off on them.
2. Why did you write Zips Goes Wandering ?
My five very active nieces and nephews are pretty fearless when it comes to going on adventures, often without telling a grown up where they’re off to. Knowing their love for stories and indifference to obeying rules I decided to create a story that they would pay attention to, enjoy and therefore remember. Zips Goes Wandering engaged them to ask questions about getting lost and since first hearing the story they haven’t gone wandering off, unless it’s to the kitchen to raid the sweet and cake cupboard.3. Zips Goes Wandering has lots of animal characters. Which ones are your favorites?
I’ve always thought that zebras are pretty cool and interesting animals which is why I chose a zebra for the main character. But I also really like Alex Antelope, not only because I like his massive antlers but also because he’s named after one of my nephews.4. Is this book part of a series?
Zips Goes Wandering aims at teaching children not to wander off and to spark up a conversation between children and their parents or guardians. It had such a great impact on my nieces and nephews that I thought about covering a variety of issues that children will come across through life. The next book covers an issue that is a worry for all parents – bullying – but I wanted to make it slightly different to other bullying stories and that’s to focus the book from the bully’s point of view. So keep an eye out for that one!

You can reach out to Chris at:

3 star reviews: a herpes misunderstanding and a t-shirt


Recently I received my first 3 star review. Actually, I was anticipating it. No one can expect to please everyone or as I like to say,”you can’t make people love you.” Having said that I was still crushed. Like most people, I want reviewers and readers to like my book and in doing so I want them to like me. 

I took a deep breath and read the review. The reviewer was kind to me. She did say she would read book two. She had issues with several segments in the book that didn’t ring true to her. I guess essentially saying she would have written them differently. I can see her point and I wish I could tell her I did that deliberately. Many things are to come in the series and this is essentially a link to what is to come. It is a reflective point in the future books where you look back and say, “oh, now I see that.”

I learned a long time ago that you can’t explain some things away. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to persuade someone to see what you are trying to say, it just won’t happen.

Let me share a funny story with you about not explaining things and letting go. I was in graduate school working on my PhD. I was working two jobs, going to school part-time and trying to finish that *&^*)$%^ PhD! To say I was stressed would be an understatement. The only thing I had to look forward to was a birthday trip I was taking to New Orleans with my three best friends. About a week before the trip, my stress triggered a flare up of a herpes simplex sore on my lip. You know those ugly blisters you get on your lip caused by having the chicken pox as a child. Pretty much the same thing as shingles and often called fever blisters. Painful, ugly, swollen, and sore as a bear with a sore paw. All I wanted was to get rid of it before my much anticipated trip. I called my family doctor and he called in a prescription for anti-viral pills that would make it go away faster. I drove to the pharmacy to pick them up. I didn’t want to go in. I didn’t want everyone staring at me so I went through the drive up window. The sore was on the right side of my lip and I was facing with the left side of my face to the window. Perfect. No one would see my big old sore. A sweet older woman came to the window. I told her my name. She retrieved my prescription and came back to the window. She looked at my name and then said. “My goodness, you have a birthday coming up. Any special plans?” I excitedly told her about my upcoming trip to New Orleans with my best friends, the NOLA’s. She leaned out the drive thru window and into my car. She handed me the prescription and then whispered to me. “You’re going to need this in New Orleans.” She winked at me. I was horrified when I figured out what she was talking about. The same medicine that would help my herpes simplex blister was also the same drug that was used for the sexually transmitted form of herpes. My face went red. I stammered and stuttered and I drove off. Quickly. I stopped at the stop sign. I wanted to go back through the drive through window and explain to her that I didn’t have “that kind” of herpes. I wanted to tell her we weren’t going to New Orleans to do what she thought we were. I wanted to tell her I wasn’t the kind of person she thought I was. I turned my car around to get in line and tell her. Then I realized that she would never believe me. Never. Not in a thousand years. The harder I would try to explain, the more she would think she was indeed right.

I let it go. Even in a small town where I would assuredly run into her again, I had to let her think what she would. Instead my friends and I laughed about it during the entire trip. Every time we would see a man they would look at me and say, “worthy of the medication?” To which I would respond, “There isn’t enough medication for that to happen.” That trip to New Orleans with my NOLA’s was one of the funnest times of my life and most of it due to the herpes story. We laughed about it everywhere we went. We still laugh about it.

You see where I am going with this don’t you? It doesn’t really matter at the end of the day whether it was 3 stars or 5 stars. I can’t make the reviewer change her mind and I don’t want to. I just want her to read my next book, and one after that, and the one after that! And I want her to give me whatever stars she thinks. I hope I earn a 5 star review this time.

Even the book reviewers get flack about giving 3 star reviews. A lot of them consider a 3 star rating a really good book. Mollie Kay Harper who runs the Tough Critic Book reviews blog (I am a fan BTW), posted this recently on Facebook. “My ‘three stars are good, dammit’ t-shirt is on backorder.” Haha I love it. She was not my 3 star reviewer, but I would wear her t-shirt with pride.

So here it is. Give me my t-shirt. I earned it! Just read my book(s) and give me some stars.


Guest Author Della Connor (7 Feb)

D.E.L. Connor:

Thanks Rosie Amber!
I enjoyed answering your questions. I hope I adequately explained the sport of girls barrel racing!

Originally posted on Rosie Amber:

Today I’d like you to join in and welcome Della Connor to the blog, author of Spirit Warriors, yesterday’s book review. If you missed the post here is the link. http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-4po

Della's Author Image edited

Let’s Find out more about Della.

1) Where is your home town?

My hometown is Lufkin, Texas about 100 miles north of Houston, Texas. It is a small town surrounded by towering pine trees. Hotter than Hades in the summer, wonderful in the winter!

2) How long have you been writing?

I have been writing something all my life. I have stories that run constantly through my mind. I just don’t have the time I need to write them all down. I finally stopped writing on bits of paper and actually wrote them down on the computer. That action started the Spirit Warriors Series.

3) What was the best bit about growing up on a farm in Montana?

Well at the time I…

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Betty White Stay Healthy! Please.

I have had so many people ask me who I think should play what role if my book gets made into a movie, that I decided to “go public” with my wish list.

Okay for Emme, Bets, Lilly, Charlie, Ollie, and Jack. I think they should be new young actors and actresses. They will need to grow up with the books as there will be five books total. 

Okay now for the rest. I wrote one character especially for Betty White. Her name in the book is Esther White. Betty White = Ester White. I realize Betty White is “getting up there in years.” No offense Betty White. I ADORE you. Since you will be in all five books and movies, I need you to stay healthy. I’m hoping someone will realize what an awesome movie my book would make, but until then I’m counting on longevity for beloved Betty! If you know Betty please let her know I am counting on her!



Next is Archie Hunt. I have always loved Graham Greene from Dances with Wolves. Doesn’t he look wise, caring, and worldly?



Now I know they didn’t have a huge part in book one, but Emme’s Grandfather, Grandpa Ed, and his friend Oscar Hines should be played by Robert Duvall for Grandpa Ed and Tommy Lee Jones for Oscar Hines. Grandpa Ed will be around for the series.



Scott Belrose, Emme’s father, well I’m kind of torn. I like Rick Schroder, but well would Brad Pitt just be too sexy for the part? Please say no! I really am wishing now!



Beyond these parts, I haven’t thought much about who else I would like although I do think Angelina Jolie would be great as Josephine Grayson, Lilly’s mother.

Any suggestions for the other characters? It will be fun to see what the rest of you who have read the book think! :)